May 29th, 2011

Victory Korea!


I owe Ladytiger this post…


May 19

!2:30 am, the flight was a little delayed due to customs checking, but after a few minutes we were allowed to go on board, there was a lady in my seat, she was actually starting to give me the attitude, but when I pointed out in her ticket that she must have read wrong, she immediately apologized and went to her correct seat, I was the only one who got separated because the travel agency gave us pre-assigned seats. I ate fish instead of bibimbap, I didn’t want to get too excited, plus I was a little sleepy and tired and the flight attendants kept asking questions.

Arrived In Incheon international airport after 3 hours and ++ minutes, almost didn’t go through the immigration, the guy kept checking my ID, ok, so yeah, Philippine License really does look fake even if its real, good thing my niece and my nephew waited for me and guy noticed that, he finally stamped my passport and let me through.

We immediately got picked up by our tour guide, Austin, and another girl, our slash photographer, Candy. Both girls were very nice, I think it’s the first time I’ve ever liked our tour guides. First stop was breakfast, Japanese udon. Then she whisked us to Nami Island, our first destination, its actually the location for Winter Sonata, and it was really cool, they have statues and markers for each scenes. After that we had pork bbq and veggies for lunch, we bought mocha milk in those really cool square packaging! Then we went to Petite France, another shooting location for one of the dramas, Beethoven Virus, but I haven’t seen it. It was inspired by the novel, The Little prince, it was really nice. Then off to Gyeongbok palace and the national folklore museum, which features traditional Korean practices and culture. Lastly we went to the Teddy bear Museum in the N seoul tower, we rode this cool elevator, and the view in the tower was Spectacular!! Love it!

Arrived in the hotel around 9pm, we stayed at the Grand Hilton, low point- no free wifi! After unpacking a few things, spending a few minutes in the balcony to have some fresh air, I had a well-deserved shower and went to bed. I was rooming with my niece and nephew.

May 20

Had an early breakfast in the hotel and went on an hour’s worth of driving time to pick some Korean strawberries.. LOVE!!!! I even ate the ones we picked without washing it, hahaha, very sweet unlike the ones in Baguio.. after that we went to the Kimchi making school, this kind old lady taught us how to make Kimchi, the sauce had 12 ingredients on it, and I wasn’t able to write them down, kill me. After having some kimchi for snacks, we tried wearing Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress.. trust me when I say they looked great with my chucks. Hahahaha.

After having lunch, we went to Everland!!! Yay!!! We went on the safari ride and saw the Liga, the first ever cross breed of a lion and a tiger, plus saw lots of tigers and lions and bears! I wanted to take one tiger home, they are so beautiful!!!!!!! Wasn’t able to go much on rides because it rained, like hell. It was a little sad, I was walking around in a really awesome themepark in a raincoat! First time ever!! Hahaha, hiked up to the main park because we went on a cable car ride to get to Safari world. Ate corn dog and bought various candies at the shop, hahaha, always had to satisfy my sweet tooth… Dinner was seafood bibimbap.. good thing I’ve always liked Korean food! I mean, I love their Kimchi!!! I can live at Korea eating their food forever! Hahaha on our way back to the hotel, Austin made us watch some K-pop videos, I actually got a few songs that’s now home in my ipod. After taking a bath, we saw Star Audition, a singing contest, I think it was their local version of American idol, anyway, I saw Leetuk on TV, ahahaha awesome!

May 21

Buffet breakfast again in the hotel and the day was spent around Seoul, we sent to duty free, to a ginseng outlet ( the ginseng was really EXPENSIVE!!!) Myeongdong Street and Dongdaemun St for shopping, dinner was Chicken ginseng soup ( or vice-versa?), they serve you a whole chicken (I think it was a 45-day old chicken because it was a little small compared to normal ones) and inside you find rice and one whole ginseng root, it was refreshing really. After dinner, we went to see Nanta!, a really, really cool show that shows off chopping skills, drumming skills, and just plain entertainment, a kind of musical Mr. bean. The guy who played the Nephew chef was really hot! ;)

May 22

Last day in Korea, I was really taking it all in, I was sure I was going to miss the place. We checked out in the morning and went to Lotte world!! Yay again! We went on the train ride, then on a hot air balloon ride thingy, best thing was Pharoah’s Fury, like an indoor mini-roller coaster without the loops or water, still loved it because it’s Egypt inspired, there’s no crazy loops and I was smiling when the camera caught our picture, hahaha

We then went to the amethyst factory, and passed by the Entertainment district on our way to the airport, saw cherry blossoms, but we missed their flowering time, they only bloom for 2 weeks, and trivia! They actually originated from Jeju Island in korea, and not in japan, the Japanese only brought them back there when they colonized korea years ago. Also, the Korean royal bloodline was also stopped because of political issues and drama. Anyway, Austin told us a short version, there was a queen who was murdered, a princess that got married off to a Japanese, a king that hid to avoid being killed, and a prince who denied his royal right because he thought his country abandoned him.

Before saying goodbye, we went to a supermarket, I actually bought cheese flavored ramen, which I now have to find here in manila because they are HEAVEN!!! At the airport, gave a hug to both our guides, wished Candy good luck on her studies, she’s a good girl, working and studying. And she’s taking Mathematics!! Geez….

Tried to spend all our Korean money but it won’t go away, we bought CHICKEN BULGOGI  at KFC, trust my nephew about food… then we got some coffee and we still had around 2000+ won left! hahaha

Arrived in Manila around 11:30 pm, and as usual immigration people got on my nerves… got home around 2am, Monday.. went to sleep and tried to dream of Seoul.


Here concludes my sweet but short trip to one of my dream destinations…