May 8th, 2011

(no subject)

i just had the best dream of my life, this is just the 2nd time i dream of my dad after he died, this was after 16 years! the dream wasn't all about him, we were in some military camp waiting to get certificates for those soldiers who perished, i think the country was in some sort of war. and i was there with my mom and second sister, we were goin to get Papa's death certificate, actually it was not his that i came there for, but i asked for it nevertheless, in my dream, he died of some heart-related disease, there were other characters from my office, and some from highschool, but when i got the cert and was going back to where mama and ani were seated, HE WAS THERE, ALIVE AND WELL, and even though he was arguing about the death certificate, i didnt care, i gave the documents to my mom, and i hugged him, he looked like the one  image of him that i try to remember, the healthy one, the one before he got sick... i really hugged him and felt him. and funny thing, he didnt act like he was dead, even though my mom held his death certificate in the other chair, i also didn't care to question why he was there, i was just so happy he was alive. and he started eating some menudo, and i think i cooked it and he said it needs a little more salt, although mom said it tastes fine.

it is really weird, but it is the BEST DREAM i've had in LONG TIME.