March 8th, 2011

when will i have a good night?

well i have been having sleep problems for more than a month now and i'm really tired, adding up to that is my non-stop stress at work, i'm just expecting to fall flat on my face one of these days due to work overload. i've tried a lot of things already, that includes:

1. drinking warm milk ( as seen on yahoo)
2. listening to classical/instrumental music
3. reading
4. downing sleep dietary supplements
5. watching TV
6. surfing the net until i get "sleepy"
7. downing anti-histamines

i haven't tried sleeping pills yet since those need prescriptions and i don't want to go to the doctor. i don't know why, i think i'm scared of what the diagnosis will be. hahaha

i'm also down to 1-2 sticks a day, i thought that maybe if i don't smoke sleep will come easier... come to think of it, i don't usually smoke before going to sleep before.. so this is just a PLUS, since i'm trying to get healthy. actually, funny story, i'm now bored with the smoking thing, which can actually help me stop it (yehey!) at least i'm not that addicted to smoking yet since i can go on weekends without smoking one. another funny story? stopping will probably be easier since i've found out that the guy i've been crushing on right now doesn't like smokers, doesn't really matter if he's like a thousand miles away and there's no chance in hell that i'll ever meet him since he's an international superstar but yeah, it's nice to have some kind of inspiration for these kind of things. Go Me!

so back to sleeping... i have a major problem with it, i hope i'll become normal again because i'm really, really tired, and i'm running out on internet sites to visit and movies to download.