redd_rock (chocfreak) wrote,

wow, almost 6 months. hello live journal. i kinda missed you. i hope you're not angry with me, its just that i ran out of words to express and i thought you deserved better than that.

i went back here because i wanted you to know that my life still sucks.  What's that?! why are you so surprised?! its not like i wanted it to be like that, its just that i haven't found mojo on life yet. the worst part: when i was having this sort of heart-to-heart talk with my boss, she kinda rubbed it in that when she was my age, she already got married. thanks boss, i definitely needed that. a sort of slap in the face, mind you. it was not because i'm still single and the comment pushed me off the edge, what pissed me off is how they see me, i mean i'm not miserable and i believe that i dont look that pathetic for them to give that kind of comment.

oh, what the hell, i dont care anyway.

i like this freedom, and how can i get married when i really dont have the special someone yet?!

really? is that a problem? i dont think so.

Someday, i'm gonna have my moment and give the universe the finger ( stole this from Chinggay Labrador's book, credit goes to her, of course!)
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