redd_rock (chocfreak) wrote,

annyeong haseyo

lately i've been entertaining myself with anything korean/chinese, i found this stacks of movies i bought before and saw them again last weekend, it's funny to reminisce about those days when the fad was everywhere, my friends and i would go to divisoria if our schedule permits us and buy a lot of movies. there was once a time when a few of us went on a korean binge and tried the food and visited mini-groceries where we bought snacks and chopsticks made of metal. hahaha. i miss those days, we had no care in the world back then and hours went by with us just planning to go on dream vacations.

i haven't been to Korea yet and one friend said it was beautiful there, hoping to go with the family maybe next year, if the threat of war subsides, that is...) it was actually our plan last year but we weren't able to secure visas, so we went to Vietnam instead, this year, we're targeting malaysia. memo to me, learn about malaysia.

i actually just started liking super junior, the 10-person boy band, i've heard of them before already, don't know why i'm just starting to like them now. they dance really, really good. and i'm a sucker for dancers. hahaha

maybe one day i'll be able to blog about my Seoul trip... i'm really crossing my fingers on that.
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