redd_rock (chocfreak) wrote,

word block

It really sucks when you know how a story will go, it’s imprinted to the perfect detail in your mind, but the words won’t come out. I don’t know what to call it since you can’t actually consider it as mental block, you have the whole picture playing in your head. It’s the coming out and putting it into paper that’s making me miserable.


I’ve been trying to write this short story as a gift to 2 of my friends, it’s actually sort of a excerpt, I think. I haven’t got the slightest idea why that particular story popped in my head, I was actually just playing my brains out for some kind of idea I can use to push my head into working the creative side again. I already told you that working too much made me lose my mojo, and what’s worse; I’m a NON-MATH type of gal who works with numbers and cost analysis. Talk about irony.


So. my story is, of course, in an alternate reality, the keyword is MY, so buzz off. It’s my words, my idea, happening in my time and in my own world, I can do whatever I want with it. And I’m going to do it actually, I just hope I can get the WORD BLOCK off before sitting down in front of my laptop later.


Funny that you discover bits and pieces of yourself in stories you write, even though you use another name for the heroine, it’s always your personality, your traits, your physical preferences that gives in, ergo, it really is you, experiencing that perfect life you so wanted to have but can’t. Usually the love interest of the heroine’s your perfect dream guy, that one who could not exist in your current reality, or that star you can’t reach no matter how you try. You live in these stories because it’s actually the only way you can survive in your life.


And I’m trying to live that again.

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