redd_rock (chocfreak) wrote,

mojo-jojo where are you?

its really funny when you thought you finally got over something. and then one thing comes out of the blue and you're back from where you've started from.

its really not easy to forget when everything in the universe seems to conspire to make you remember. i maybe losing my mind already. some happenings now are making me reminisce about the days back when i was younger and had nothing dreamed of than to be with one person in another country. it was that surreal feeling when you still have hope left in your system. sadly, the only hope left in me is probably the one i has tattooed in greek.

i really wish i can get that feeling back, the one that makes you want to face every challenge in life, the one that makes you wake up in the morning even though you're very much exhausted from last night, that feeling when you think an ice cream cone can cure any pain.

i also want it back because i wanna write again, the creative mojo is nowhere to be found right now.

i really want it back.
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