redd_rock (chocfreak) wrote,

Many Bloody Returns

Almost 2 weeks left of September, almost all the malls are gearing up for the Christmas season, jingles are playing on the radio already, but somehow the Christmas bug hasn’t bitten me yet.




I’m reading Many bloody returns right now, its an anthology of stories about vampire and birthdays and most of the stories are actually hilarious, can't wait to finish it, I’m been trying really hard to get some reading time done every night but the travel time beats me up too much that I get so sleepy when I get home.


Last night I was able to finish the Witch and the wicked, it’s about a witch who wants to start a cosmetics business, she then got this idea of using a vampire’s ash ( her employer’s husband actually since she was also a caterer) for age-defying purposes of her night cream. She was the first tester of the product and by some weird magic, the vampire came alive again through her, its like having 2 souls ( for a vampire, im not really sure what’s it called) in one body, and they plan on taking the wife’s blood as a substitute for the ash for the night cream, at the same time, the husband can get his revenge on her.


It’s funny right?! Its so absurd, its entertaining! I love this book, I still have like 9 books lined up for reading, the last I bought was 3 books from Holly Black, I actually read the first in the series when I was in college, Tithe, but I lent it to a friend and well, graduation happened so.. bye-bye book. Anyway, I saw it again last Saturday and I got another copy together with the 2 other books in the series. I’m beginning to do this kind of habit where I buy all the books if I can, because from my experience, every time I come back for the sequel of a book, it’s not available, and it would be years before I get a chance to come across it again.


I’m still waiting for a new Neil Gaiman book, golly I miss the man’s writings!

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