redd_rock (chocfreak) wrote,

catching up with my nose

i woke up this morning feeling funny and with my nose running. i hate it.

it's almost 2 pm and i ahve been having sneezing marathons since this morning and its killing me. i mean, i've only had 2 tablets but i already feel like my head's floating. i wanna go home and sleep. i've been continuously supplying myself with coffee to stay awake and i really have to get the newest production plan so i can work on the delivery schedules. crap.

i dont know what happened, times like these, i just wanna curl up and die.

or just stay at home and sleep my ass off. whatever comes first.

i cant wait for tomorrow's holiday and time is ticking VERY S-L-O-W-L-Y....

one co-worker said it's allergies and she just went out to get me antihistamines.

one co-worker said my sinus is acting up.

one friend said it was cute to have sneezing marathons.
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