redd_rock (chocfreak) wrote,


had a very weird dream last night, all i remember are snippets actually, but still vivid. anyway, i think the office was relocating to another place and most of the people are busy with packing their things.

then the next scene was i was sitting on our leather sofa inside a room, most of the people were resting from the packing and i'm wondering why our sofa was there. then he was there sitting beside me and we wre going to take a nap, then the lights dimmed and i try adjusting to a more comfortable position and i was using the big pillow as a cover and tried to share the pillow with him as well. 

then something happened, something that i really cant  write here, DONT GET TOO EXCITED, its not that.  crap. anyway, after that happened, i woke up and a girl came in and she was demanding that he leaves me for her, and i got pissed so i left them.


and that was the most that i can remember.


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