redd_rock (chocfreak) wrote,

august 31 2010

updates yeah! i've been gone here for so long, because i really dont have anything to write about. hardeeharhar i'm kinda trying to update due to Penpen's request.

so... what happened to me during these past few months..

well, i've been sober for 4 months already, yay!!! will try to keep this up but since octoberfest is right around the corner and my upcoming bohol trip is just 2 months away, i will have to gain control over the drinking urges!

Bohol trip! finalized everything, the airline tickets and the hotel, all done for, all we have to do is wait for Nov. 26. i'm not that excited yet because i have work to worry about, but yeah, come November, i'll probably do a countdown for it like the one before for the Vigan Trip.

and i've been drowining in Jon Foo madness right now, i love him and i want to marry him, watched Tekken twice already but i can't get enough of his accent, golly, i sound like a girl!! but yeah, i love him, found out he was on House on Fury, but i cant remember, i will have to watch that again this weekend. he's gonna play Ryu in Streetfighter too, he's being typecast for those roles but couldn't care less as long as i can see him more often.

what else? got another hand-me-down laptop from my sister who just bought a Mac (she si driving me crazy since most of her files aren't playable in itunes) , an aspire one, used only for a year, compared to my old one, that's golden already! already organized some of the files, and will be setting up my own itunes library so i wont have to wait for Nicolo to come home anymore.

Speaking of nicolo, he's recorded some songs which will be given as a souvenir for their project, i actually have it on my Ipod, but forgot to Include "Everybody knows" which is my favorite cover of him.

that seems to be it.
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